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A Murder Mystery with a Twist

A dying lover. A brutal murder. A New Jersey private investigator and martial arts master fights to solve both in GD Baum's Point and Shoot.

A Lock Tourmaline Private Detective Murder Mystery




A Murder Mystery with a Twist

A dying lover. A brutal murder. A New Jersey ex-cop and martial arts master fights to solve the mysteries of both in G. D. Baum’s Point and Shoot

FORT LEE, NEW JERSEY – Set in Fort Lee, New Jersey, a city where the Korean immigrant community has gained both financial and political footholds, G.D. Baum’s worthy first novel, Point and Shoot, is definitely a murder mystery with a twist—of martial arts.

Hired as a bodyguard to protect the daughter of a Korean drug lord, during a meeting with the drug lord’s arch rival, Lock Tourmaline finds himself betrayed when the drug lord is assassinated. The hit may or may not have been instigated by either the latter’s offspring, rival gang members or corrupt officers of the Police Department.

One of those officers is dating Lock’s ex-wife. Lock struggles to extricate her from a dangerous entanglement with both her corrupt lover and an addiction to cocaine. In the midst of all this, the woman he now loves is slowly succumbing to terminal cancer, and her fifteen-year-old daughter is sinking more deeply into suicidal depression. Moreover, everyone seems to want a piece of Lock, from Heung’s men, who are stalking him, to the cops who seem poised to either help or betray him.

Fortunately Baum is adept at his craft, never allowing the plot to grow maudlin or the pace to falter. Baum’s ear is also finely tuned to the proper balance of the spiritual inner world of martial arts as taught by Lock’s mysterious mentor, a man known only as Grandfather, with the thumping heartbeat of this tautly unfolding murder mystery. Most notably, the novel’s carefully choreographed martial arts fight scenes read like some of the best stop-frame action Chandler himself produced.

For more information or for a free review copy, please contact the author at gdbaum100@yahoo.com. Point and Shoot is available for sale online at Amazon.com, Borders.com, BookSurge.com, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the Author
G.D. Baum is a graduate of the Sarah Lawrence Writing Program. He has achieved a black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate, and was ranked sixth in the United States in forms for his Division by the NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association). In his spare time, he teaches Tai Chi Chuan.

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